About Us

Culture + History


We are thrilled to share with you the enchanting story behind the birth of Byram Bay Bistro, a unique culinary adventure that blossomed from our lifelong passion for cooking and a daring dream.

Our journey began with a shared love for tantalizing flavors and the joy of bringing people together through food. As avid cooks, the idea of opening our own restaurant always simmered in our hearts, yet we understood the enormity of such an endeavor. However, destiny had its own plans.

Fate led us to drive past the charming building at 393 Maxim Drive numerous times. Each drive-by sparked our imaginations, as the building, which had been on the market for years, silently called out to us. It stood there, an unpolished gem just waiting for someone to recognize its potential.

The idea of creating a restaurant began to take shape, fueled by our unique vision: to establish the first ever Jamaican and Polish fusion restaurant. Our diverse backgrounds and love for these distinct cuisines inspired us to blend the vibrant, spicy flavors of Jamaica with the hearty, comforting essence of Polish cooking. It was a culinary experiment we believed would captivate the taste buds of many.

With hearts full of hope, we took a leap of faith. We poured our love, sweat, and tears into transforming the building at 393 Maxim Drive into the warm, inviting space that Byram Bay Bistro is today. Our menu is a reflection of our journey, offering an eclectic mix of dishes that celebrate both Jamaican zest and Polish warmth.

Byram Bay Bistro is more than just a restaurant; it’s a story of love, imagination, and the magic that happens when you dare to follow your dreams. Come, dine with us, and savor the unique flavors of our journey.